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Clean Energy Options

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Save $$$, buy GREEN, qualify Kent for its alternative energy system! How? Learn more by clicking  Clean Energy Signup Kent!

CL&P customers who agree to support clean energy by opting for electricity from renewable resources will pay a little more on their bill (2 cents per kilowatt), but will be aiding the environment. Your electricity will continue to be delivered by CL&P, serviced by CL&P and your bill will look the same.

For every 100 accounts that opt to support clean energy, the town of Kent will receive a free solar panel. Currently we have 41 accounts signed up which is 3% of our users. Cornwall has been working on this longer then we have and they have 225 accounts (or 33%). Cornwall Consolidated School just came on line with their solar panels. Check out this website  to see how all the towns in Connecticut are doing.

According to the CL&P web site “on average, Connecticut households use about 700 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity per month. Therefore, a typical residential customer who signs up for the 100% option would pay approximately $9.00 more a month and those who choose the 50% option would pay approximately $4.50 more a month.”

Sign up to support the environment by clicking

CT Clean Energy Options

You will then get to choose either Community Energy or Sterling Planet (they have different combinations of alternative energy). You will need your CL&P account number to sign up. It may take two billing cycles for the selection to go through.

When you are done, please send an email to contactus@kentedrive.org with your name and account number so that the Task Force can track the sign ups and make sure your organization gets the donation!

If you have any questions please email the Task Force

Many Thanks!